If you followed Tom Daley during the Rio Olympics last year, you surely remember his tiny, super-tight swimsuit.

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Stella McCartney, who designed the entire line of clothes for Great Britain’s Olympic team, spoke about those famous trunks today – and blamed Tom…

Tom Daley and fellow diver Daniel Goodfellow
Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow [Photo: Instagram]

Back in August, Olympic diver Tom Daley explained that the swimming (and diving) trunks from past Olympics just weren’t good enough.

“You need everything to be kept in place. You don’t want things falling out in particular places because there are cameras everywhere”

Some have “blamed” (or… thanked) clothes designer Stella McCartney for making the trunks so small.

But speaking on BBC’s Radio 4 today, as The Daily Mail reports, Stella explained it was all Tom’s fault.

“The little trunks, yes, he wanted them that small. Tom Daley likes a small short, it seems. I blame him.”

Hey, we’re not complaining.