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Some “straight” guys are curious, and are willing to explore. But what happens when you go out on a date with someone who doesn’t even realize you ARE on a date, because he’s a clueless straight guy?

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who went on a date with a cool guy, it all went great, until… he found out the guy is actually straight.

“Met this cool guy at a warehouse party last weekend, we had a good chat. I realized the next morning he had added me on Facebook.

Sweet! Good-looking guy who’s into the same things I am wants to stay connected with me. I pucker up the courage to say that it was cool meeting him and if he wants to grab a beer….He says yes! Fuck yeah, courage pays off!

He can only do next weekend, so we plan for that. Don’t talk that much over the week, but still a bit. Come Saturday and he sees if I’m still keen. Most definitely.

We arrive, get some burgers and get a table. Conversation flows easy, he’s funny and interesting. He mentions this girl he slept with last night, which throws me. But hey, maybe he’s just bi, or isn’t fussed about gender? He seems like that type of person.

He has to leave for a gig, so we say goodbye and hug. On the train home we swap artists we’re listening too. But I’m still thrown by the girl comment.

I get home and decide, fuck it, I’ll be courageous again and just ask him if he knew that was a date…

He says he’s super straight and oblivious. God dammit why. Such a cool dude. Rose-tinted glasses officially off.”


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