Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are a real issue, you SHOULD be careful. And once you catch something – you also need to warn your recent sexual partners – but that’s not always easy, as is the case for this guy on Reddit.

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“I recently got tested and came back positive with an STI”, he writes. “Luckily it’s treatable and can be cured but I have to inform people I’ve been with to go get tested and/or treated. I’m one of those people that sometimes uses condoms but after this I’m going to be more adamant about using them.”

His main issue, though, is with his “Friend With Benefits” – and whether this might disrupt their relationship:

I’m worried about telling a friend with benefits I have to get tested, I’ve been regularly meeting up with him for the last 4 months, I’m afraid that friend will no longer want to meet up anymore after I tell him.

Not sure if this had the possibility of becoming something more than a FWB situation but really don’t want to stop talking to him.

Anyone else been in this situation? Did your friend continue to speak to you or want to see you?

The Redditors were quick to offer advice:

  • If you don’t tell them and wait, they’re only going to be more pissed with you delaying. Delaying even a day could mean they now have to tell some other guy they hooked up with in the meantime.

    When you tell someone you might have given them something, they might be upset, but they can also be relieved when they find out it’s something treatable. It’s usually a mix of emotions on the receiving end of that news.

    I’ve gotten that kind of news and didn’t end up having anything, but it was a good wake up call overall and felt like a chance to get smarter and like I’d dodged a bullet and needed to be safer going forward.


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