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We’re not sure exactly when all young singers decided they had to be built like sexy angels – but we’re glad they did, and Tanner Patrick is no exception. Watching Tanner doing pull-ups semi-naked, thanks to a video he posted, is possibly the hottest thing you’ll see today.

Tanner Patrick recording
Photo: Instagram

Tanner Patrick is a popular 27-year-old singer/songwriter from Texas, who posts a lot of beautiful song covers, as well as some original songs. He now has more than 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube…

Happily for us, occasionally Tanner’s not shy about posting some shirtless pics, or, in this case, a video of himself training. Tanner’s Twitter fans were understandably excited – as you will be:

And if you want some more – don’t worry, there’s plenty:

And this…

A before and after pic –

And let’s end with a video of Tanner doing Shawn Mendes (pun intended, of course) –