Tanner Patrick is a popular 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Texas, who’s been rocking it on YouTube since 2011.

Tanner Patrick recording
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He does a lot of covers, and the occasional original song (he has 5 new ones coming!) – and, let’s face it – he’s very easy on the eyes. (OK, I’m gonna call it – he’s smokin’ hot). Want proof? There you go.

1. His “All About That Bass” cover is one of the sexiest things on YouTube. “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”. Hmm…

2. His eyes are so dreamy. Yep, that’s a thing

New video on YouTube! Be sure to give it a thumbs up ??? link in bio!

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3. He looks like that when he’s shirtless

 4. He likes to have fun. When he’s shirtless.


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5. He’s a dog lover

6. He can sing in an undershirt – and pull off looking hot in it

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7. That time when he invited us into his bedroom

8. He does a lot of excellent Justin Bieber covers. Now picture these two together. Enough said

9. The boy can cook!

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10. He was already adorable on his first YouTube video ever – posted in 2011

11. I believe those are called “Bedroom Eyes”

12. He has five original songs coming – here’s the first music video

13. He looks good in the gym

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14. And we’ll just leave you with this…

Tanner Patrick