While many eyes were gawking over Tom Daley during the Rio Olympics, British diver Chris Mears was another pretty sight – and he even won a gold medal in synchronised 3m springboard diving.

As you might expect, he has an incredible body – but what happens to it when he eats “like a horse”?

Chris Mears
Photo: Instagram

… Not much, apparently. Athletes keep a very strict diet during the Olympics, and some of them start binge-eating when the competition is over.

Chris took to Instagram to point at his stomach, with the caption: “Turns out when I have time off I eat like a horse”. The thing is, when you and I eat like a horse (hey, it happens), we DON’T look like that.


And if you’re worried things might have taken a turn for the worse a few days AFTER Chris ate like a horse – well, no, as his mirror selfie from yesterday proves:


Yes, we’re impressed.