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While it doesn’t look like it because of their thin and muscular bodies – athletes eat A LOT. And while they’re careful with their choice of food BEFORE the Olympic contests – when those are over, it’s an all out feast, as demonstrated by Australian Badminton player, Sawan Serasinghe.

Sawan Serasinghe
Photo: Instagram

Sawan and his team have lost their Olympic match in Rio earlier this week. The disappointed six-packed hunk took to Facebook and Instagram to convey his feelings – plus, show his after-the-contest feast, that consists of:

  • 4 Boxes of Chicken Nuggets
  • 4 Burgers
  • 2 Chicken sandwiches
  • 6 Large fries
  • 6 Brownies

… And a smoothie.

Apparently, the lines At McDonald’s over at the Olympic village have been extremely long – due to the fact that the Fast Food chain promised free meals to the athletes. They eventually had to limit those meals to 20 each – which was still enough for Sawan.

Then again, for the regular-joe, eating all this might NOT get you a six-pack. Too bad…

h/t: People

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