Let’s face it: Shawn Mendes knows perfectly well you’re all thirsty for him. And for good reason! But it’s still adorable to watch him get awkwardly embarrassed, as he has to read some of the… kinkier (not to say strange) Tweets about him.

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Shawn Mendes buzzfeed tweets
Photo: YouTube

Shawn Mendes, the 19-year-old singer, released his third album this week, titled simply “Shawn Mendes”, to rave reviews. In light of that, BuzzFeed brought him to their studio to read a bunch of public Tweets written about him, from particularly thirsty fans (just as they did with Nick Jonas a while back).

It starts “mildly”, with things like “Shawn Mendes’ jaw line can literally cut me and I’d say thank you”, and pretty quickly goes into things like “Do you think if I asked nicely that Shawn Mendes would choke me”, and even Tweets that Shawn can’t bring himself to read out loud (note the one who wants Shawn to ‘teabag’ him…)

Watch it right here:

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