It sometimes feels like ALL actors and singers these days have pecs and abs and six-packs. We’re not complaining, but that takes a lot of work – which X-Factor star Sam Callahan is definitely putting in, and on his day off of all days…

Sam Callahan face
Photo: Instagram

23-year-old Sam Callahan was a contestant on the British version of X-Factor in 2013, and is now also a model, an actor, and a reality TV star (even when it has to do with leaked sex videos.)

Sam took to Twitter to show what his body looks like after a gym session, and what can we say – we’re impressed:

If you need to have another look, there’s this photo which he recently posted:

And OK, another one:

Recently Sam also released a new singe, “Burns Like Fire”, along with a music video, which you can watch here: