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There are plenty of ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve – some got naked, others settled for underwear, and Russell Tovey got fingered by a skeleton. Wait, what?

Russell Tovey no man
Photo: Instagram

36-year-old openly gay Russell Tovey, is known from TV shows such as HBO’s Looking and the UK version of Being Human. In 2017, he was also seen on stage in London, in the National Theatre’s rendition of Angels in America with Andrew Garfield.

To celebrate the new year, Russell posted this hilarious photo from Shoreditch in East London, an area known for its graffiti. “Start the year as you mean to go on”, he wrote in the caption, “getting fingered by a skeleton.”

His fans were quick to offer some assistance, of course, while some were strong with the puns, such as “I’ve heard of being boned but that’s ridiculous.”

Have a Happy New Year, Russell!