Russell Tovey is a serious (mostly) actor, and a loving father to his dogs. But we’re not here to talk about that today – we’re here to talk about his bulge, which, again, took front and center place on his latest Instagram post.

Russell Tovey on The Pass
Photo: The Pass / YouTube

The 35-year-old openly gay actor, who you probably know from HBO’s Looking, or, these days, from Quantico or his stage performance on Angels in America, took to Instagram to post an adorable photo that shows him with one of his dogs. The caption said “My dogs really do complete me.”

Russell’s fans, however (there are almost 350,000 of them on Instagram) were quick to notice something else that was very… prominent in the photo.

The observant fans wrote comments such as “Your bulge really completes my Instagram experience”, “Lovely face, interesting crotch”, and “The thirst trap ain’t subtle here.”

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And this isn’t the first time Russell’s bulge is the star of the show. Two years ago, Russell took a photo with his other dog, Rocky. But again, fans were mainly staring at Russell’s eye-catching bulge.

Well, when you’ve got it – flaunt it.