Another day, another sexy photo of Spanish model River Viiperi that’s taking our breath away. Well then – good thing there’s a lifeguard around! And a naked one at that…

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Spanish model River Viiperi in a towel
Photo: Instagram

River Viiperi is a popular 27-year-old model, who tends to get naked on Instagram. Though sometimes he’s also wearing a towel… sort of. 

This week, with the beautiful sea of the Maldives behind him, River took lifeguarding duty – and yep, he’s naked (or so it seems), and he’s the sexiest lifeguard we’ve had our eyes on. Enjoy:

If you happen to be in the Maldives, look out for a hot model riding his bicycles looking… like that:

If you do see him, you’ll probably end up smiling – just like that:


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