Some models are content with having a pretty face and an amazing body – but Vienna-based model Augusta Alexander doesn’t want to rely on his looks forever, so he also majored in mechatronics.

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And another interesting tidbit – he was even a (sexy) soldier for a few months.

Augusta Alexander haircut
Photo: Instagram

But today, we’re not here to talk about the size of his brain, his weapon or his bubbly bum, we’re here to talk about… his tantalizing Instagram photos.

There’s a reason Augusta Alexander has more than 600,000 Instagram followers – once you take a look, you’ll become a follower too.

1. Lounging

2. That thing with the shirt

3. Does anyone need a hand(yman)?

4. Bond?

5. A Towel Moment

6. Funny Face

7. Hanging around

8. A Wet moment

9. Those legs though…

10. Super-abs

11. Soldering throwback

12. Cowboy Augusta

13. All wet again

14. Pool time!

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