Some models are content with having a pretty face and an amazing body – but Vienna-based model Augusta Alexander doesn’t want to rely on his looks forever, so he also majored in mechatronics.

But today, we’re not here to talk about the size of his brain, we’re here to talk about… his tantalizing Instagram photos.

Augusta Alexander model
Photos: Instagram

There’s a reason Augusta Alexander has more than 260,000 Instagram followers – once you take a look, you’ll become a follower too.

1. Good Morning!

2. Will it fit?

3. So cute (the dog’s nice too)

4. Towel Time

5. Those pecs…

6. Funny Face

Sunny day in Vienna ☀️

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7. “Morning Selfie for Bae”

8. We can’t breathe

9. Workout Done!

10. Hanging around

11. Gotta work for that body

12. Open up

13. Love the coat

14. Working out video

15. Two are better than one

16. Happy to see you

17. Sailing Away