Some models are content with having a pretty face and an amazing body – but Vienna-based model Augusta Alexander doesn’t want to rely on his looks forever, so he also majored in mechatronics.

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And another interesting tidbit – he was even a (sexy) soldier for a few months.

Augusta Alexander model

But today, we’re not here to talk about the size of his brain, his weapon or his bubbly bum, we’re here to talk about… his tantalizing Instagram photos.

Last year, he took a long break from social media – but now he’s back, and hotter than ever – so let’s enjoy some of the old and some of the new…

1. Lounging

2. That thing with the shirt

3. Power tools

4. Bond?

5. A Towel Moment

6. Funny Face

7. Our kind of a pool boy

8. A Wet moment

9. Those legs though…

10. Super-abs

11. Soldering throwback

12. Cowboy Augusta

13. All wet again

14. Pool time!

Mr man Taron