Always wanted that sexy, buffed-up body? Well, the first step is to start a work-out routine, and Tom Daley isn’t the only one with tips on the matter. Michael Macdonald, a personal trainer and model, joined “The Monastero Twins” for a workout video full of tips and demonstrations.

The Monastero Twins with the personal trainer
Photo: YouTube

It was especially challenging, since one of the twins – Luke – had never worked out a day in his life.

The first step is to decide what your goals are – in this case, to bulk up,so you can use the winter to build your next summer’s beach body. So you need to eat clean – but do NO CARDIO at the gym, because you want to keep the calories in your body.

Then, you need to maintain:

  • Heavy weights
  • Short rests between the sets
  • And always remember – don’t skip leg day!

Watch the full workout and get more tips, right here:

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