Rejecting people on Grindr is one of the most debated issues regarding the popular dating app.

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Some just ignore people they’re not interested in, others try to be polite, while some are just plain rude. But is there a better, “clever” way to reject people you’re not interested in?

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This guy on Reddit, has a very unique tactic for rejecting people he doesn’t want – and it involves getting the other side to… reject YOU.

Just wanted to share a tactic I’ve used to deal with letting guys down easy. I have a body pic as my main photo, and then I have two separate face pics:

1 is recent and accurate, but the other is extremely unflattering and was taken with a shitty camera.

Whenever a guy I’m not into messages me, I send the 2nd face pic, and I get blocked without fail. So everyone is happy.

One of the commenters suggested his own, similar technique:

If I’m not into them and they’re a bottom, I say I’m a full bottom. Blocked every time.

Though at least one guy was wondering why go into all that trouble in the first place:

Why even bother if you’re not interested in the first place? There’s no moral obligation to send someone you are not interested in a face pic in order to “let them down easy.” It’s a dating/hookup app. Rejection is part of the game.

The question remains, then – is it rude to just ignore people you’re not interested in?

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