When we look at Nick Jonas today, he seems to be a bundle of sexual energy. But when he was younger, he had some embarrassing moments – just like the rest of us. And during  BBC Radio 1’s “Heart Monitor Challenge”, Nick revealed one of those moments…

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Nick Jonas - Close
Photo: Close (YouTube)

Nick Jonas, the 25-year-old popular singer (and former Jonas Brothers member) was hooked up to a heart monitor and shown photos and videos of various people, with the monitor clearly showing his body’s reactions. (Which we also saw with Harry Styles – whose heart rate spiked when he saw… Ryan Gosling)

The first questions were easy – “Do you think you’re the hottest Jonas brother?” – turns out he doesn’t (Oh Nick… so modest!). Then, after a tip from his brother Joe, Nick had to reveal the story about… The Mamma.

Oh God… It was one of my earlier sexual encounters. She said something about “Come to mamma”, and I said “Why is your mother here?”. This naïve young man…

Later in the challenge, Nick reacts to images of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and his heart rate really spikes up – when he’s asked to “Ride the Dragon”…

Watch it right here:

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