Hold off on those “Click Bait!” comments – yes, this is a video of a semi-naked (or maybe fully naked, who knows) Nick Jonas, getting licked. In bed. So sure, it’s not Shawn Mendes licking him, or even his wife – it’s a puppy. But that’s just as sweet, isn’t it?

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Nick Jonas - Close
Photo: YouTube

Nick Jonas, the 27-year-old singer and actor, is celebrating his marriage anniversary with wife Priyanka Chopra these days. And what better gift to give to Nick, than an adorable puppy?

Of course, being a celebrity couple, the surprise gift was filmed and posted on Instagram. The puppy is cute – he really is. But Nick is… cuter? hotter? more lickable? Oh, and he also has more chest hair then he used to, apparently.


The new puppy is called Gino, and if you want some more, here’s Nick with Gino, and the best caption ever – “Morning cuddle puddle with daddy”. Hmm…

Gino the dog, in case you were wondering has his own Instagram account, which already has more than 217,000 followers. Makes sense.