We usually write about “curious” guys who want to explore the other side. But what’s it like for the women, being with a bisexual man? For this guy on Reddit, things aren’t easy, because his girlfriend is “disgusted” with his past.

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bisexual woman angry with two men

“She had an idea of it when we first got together”, he writes. “But a lot of people just don’t take you seriously. Meeting one of my exs changed that for her though.”

And he elaborates:

She’s actually disgusted with me right now over it and I really don’t understand. No I didn’t cheat or flirt in front of her. She openly admitted that it disgusts her that I’m bisexual.

I don’t understand why people dislike gays/bisexual (I don’t mean to lump myself in with the gay crowd but everyone else seems to) people so much. I’ve been a switch hitter pretty much since I started dating, I’m comfortable with it and its just who I am.

The commenters were quick to point out that he probably deserves better:

I’m not one to jump to the ‘break up’ suggestion whenever there’s a disagreement, but being disgusted by who someone is, is not good…

I suggest talking to her and having her lay the cards out on the table of why she feels this way. If she truly is repulsed by who you are, move along.

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