People use the Whisper app to reveal some of the inner most secrets and feelings. These bisexual guys, have taken to Whisper to let the world know what people get WRONG about being a bisexual man.

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That I'm gay but still in the closet That I'm a cheater That I'm lying to get attention

If a straight man or woman talks to me and finds out they think I will automatically start hitting on them.

People think that I'm either too young or naive to know if I'm bisexual or not.

I'm not gay enough for gay people, and not Hetero enough for straight people.

I have a switch that takes place where one moment I am straight, then POOF! I'm gay. Nah, I might have a bf, but I'm still gonna admire that girl's ass.

When you're a bisexual guy, you get a slice from every pie. :P

To some gay people I'm fake because I choose both guys and girls instead of one. To straight guys it's hot and they think I'm up for threesomes, to straight girls Im a creep and can't be trusted.

I can't maintain a monogamous relationship because I'll always be wanting to be with whatever sex I'm not currently with at that time.

People think I'm lying or they think I'm slutty... Nope. Just interested in people's hearts, not their parts. ❤

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