Sometimes, people surprise you. You build images of them in your head, of a homophobic, conservative man in this case, because of his background – and then something unexpected happens.

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banker in a suit

That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who was terrified of what would happen if his conservative boss would found out that he’s gay. Well, something did happen – something he never saw coming.

“I’m a fairly recent college grad, and this is my first ‘real’ corporate-America job”, he writes. “I’ve been there about seven months, and my boss is pretty much the epitome of the middle-aged conservative corporate executive.”

Thursday I was talking with one of the girls from our Graphics dept, and I was really excited about the fact that I was having an extra special “date night” with my boyfriend.

Because it was our 1 year anniversary, we were going to a pretty nice Brazilian steak-house and then going to a movie.

Well, when I turned around to walk back to my desk, my boss was right there looking for me to give me some paperwork. I was a little stunned, mainly because he kind of surprised me, but he handed my some files, and I went back to my desk.

I was a little nervous just because he seems pretty conservative, and I didn’t know if he would have issue with me being gay.

Towards the end of the day I was walking by his office and he yelled for me to come in and sit down.

Boss: “Going out tonight, eh?”

Me: *starts to panic* “y, ye, yes”

Boss: “Cool, Fogo is one of my favorite restaurants. I just wanted to say, you’re doing a good job around here, and a lot of people are very happy with you.”

He reaches for his wallet sitting next to his keyboard, “Here, let the company pay for you and your man to go out tonight, nice dinner, have a few drinks, see a good movie.”

He hands me his corporate Amex. “And congrats on your anniversary. Now get out of here … and oh, if you happen to be late tomorrow, I didn’t see a thing”

I was so speechless, I’m shocked I managed to get out a “Thank you.”

I walked out of the office with this HUGE ass smile, as I thought about what happened, I started to cry a little, I was so happy, it was nice to be complimented on my work, it was even nicer to know I’m 100% accepted at my job.