Some gay men prefer to bottom, some to top, and some are versatile. But sometimes, it becomes a real issue, as it did for this guy on Reddit, whose boyfriend isn’t willing to do anything else but top him.

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“I’m a versatile but mostly bottom and my boyfriend is a strict top”, he writes. “He loves to dominate me and I love that shit too. But I really want a blowjob”. Sounds fine – but turns out that’s a big problem:

“He has never given head to me or never even let me touch his ass. It makes him very uncomfortable. I don’t mind it that much, I mean he has preferences and that’s perfectly okay, but isn’t it weird that he is completely against giving a blowjob or touching my dick at all?

I just thought it’s kind of selfish. Or am I just being a little bitch for judging his preferences? Does he have a masculinity complex?”

One commenter is in a similar position – but the reverse:

Comment from discussion .

So, is there anyway around this?