Michael Hamm, a popular cosplayer (that’s someone who dresses up in superhero and other pop culture character costumes) and model, posted a very moving photo and story, detailing his encounter with his childhood hero – David Yost, the original Blue Power Ranger.

Michael Hamm shirtless
Photos: Instagram

Michael Hamm, who we usually write about due to his extremely good looks, was visiting San Diego Comic Con, when this emotional encounter took place.

“This is probably the most important picture I have ever taken”, Michael wrote in the caption to his photo with David Yost, as he opened up about it.

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It happened on the last day of the convention – “I was tired, grumpy, and just waiting for the convention to end.” Then, he looked up – and saw David, the blue Power Ranger from the original 90’s TV series, greeting fans behind a table.

“My stomach sank, I was confused, I just started mumbling to myself…

I’m pretty sure I blacked out because I don’t remember anything about the interaction. All I remember was that he was so kind, so down to earth, so handsome, and so happy to be meeting fans.

After I walked away from the table I just cried like a big idiot. I had to walk laps just to calm down.

That may sound strange but growing up Billy was the one character on TV I could relate to. He was nerdy, he was bullied, he was different from all his friends, but he never let it get to him.”

Here is the entire post:

David later added his own comment to the photo:

“Aww…you are way too kind! I look forward to seeing you again at DragonCon!”

May we all get to meet our childhood heroes… (And may they all be as nice as David!)