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Size doesn’t matter? It sure does for some, and some men are willing to spend thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on “penile enhancement” surgeries. Clinics in Australia are even offering temporary injections – sort of like Botox for your penis.

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Man with niddle syringe injection
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“I just really wanted it to be as large as possible, like a porn star!”, says Mohamad El-ahmed in an interview with Australian news site News.com.au.

One surgeon refused to operate on the man, telling him there’s nothing wrong with his penis. “I see much smaller penises every day – you don’t need it.” Yet, other clinics tried hard to make a sell, for a procedure that can cost up to $30,000.

Other clinics in Sydney offer a procedure called “Penile Girth Enhancement”, where, while the man is fully erect (following an injection), a gel-like substance is injected into his penis, similar to the material used with lips and cheeks.

And it “only” costs $3,000, with one catch – it only lasts for 18 months, at which point you need to undergo the procedure again.

Mr El-ahmed decided to go ahead with the procedure. “We get pressured to have the body beautiful too – from billboards to social media.”

Would you be willing to pay, and have a needle in your penis, just so you could look like a porn star?

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