MarkE Miller is a 24-year-old popular YouTuber (over 600,000 subscribers!) who often posts videos with his boyfriend, Ethan Hethcote. This time, the two went together to an all-naked spa… and MarkE lived to come back and tell the tale.

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YouTuber MarkE Miller nude spa
Photo: Instagram

The two were invited by a friend to go and visit a nude Korean spa with him. “By the time you leave”, MarkE says, “You will be feeling like the sexiest bitch alive.”

The first thing they were given upon entering, was a small dish towel – “enough to cover the front or the back but definitely not both.”

“We got to a hot-tub with four other very naked men. At that point I realized – today is going to be awesome.

I didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable being exposed to these strangers or to our friend who has never seen me naked.

From there we went to a second hot-tub, and then to an ice tub.

I got on my knees, I’m the only person in the ice tub, and from across the spa I see a big gentleman walking towards me, and he gets in the spa, but he doesn’t get on his knees.

This gentleman is standing up, I’m on my knees, he’s two feet from me, he’s facing me, I’m facing him. The only thing between his crotch and my face was air.”

Watch the full video to hear the whole story, and why MarkE’s NOT going again.