Life is pretty when you’re a former Olympic skater having post-Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras-fun with a naked hot man you’ve met there.

Life is even prettier when that Olympian, Blake Skjellerup shares a photo from the event with us.

Blake Skjellerup naked
Photos: Instagram

Blake Skjellerup is a 31-year-old speed skater, originally from New Zealand, who took part in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada. Throughout his career, Blake has won five New Zealand national titles and broken many national records.

Back in 2010, he publicly came out as gay in an interview, and in 2011 was named as an ambassador to the 2014 Gay Games in Ohio.

Last week, Blake seemed to be having lots of fun at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (where Steve Grand was also enjoying himself), sharing photos such as this one:

At some point during the event, he got to know Caleb Choo, a melbourne based architect. The two have apparently met thanks to the both of them wearing the same “costume” –

Spending some quality time together (and ending up in New Zealand together), the two eventually rented a hot pool, got naked, and, well, took a picture.

Blake posted a somewhat censored version of it:

But Caleb was kind enough to post the full version on his own Instagram account:

Keep having fun you two!

h/t: Gay Times