Summer really does bring out the worst in some people – or at least makes them a little careless.

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And there’s no better example of that, than the guy who wanted to cool off a bit this week – and ended up getting his penis caught in a moving fan…

Man stop in pain
Illustrative Photo

That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who was suffering terribly from the heat, only to find out his fan isn’t working. So how did his dick end up in there… Ah, that’s the question indeed.

“It’s currently hot a hell where I am”, he writes, “So naturally I stripped right down to my underwear in an effort to stay cool.”

So far so good. Until things took a wrong turn…

“In my infinite wisdom I decided what I really needed was a big ol’ fan to caress my nether regions with sweet, life giving cold air.

I find the largest fan we have in the house and plug that shit in. Turn it on expecting to enter its cold embrace… nothing, not even a hum.

So in my overheated state I decided my best course of action would be to take it apart and find out WTF was going on. Turns out a fuse had blown inside the casing. Luckily we keep a box of odds and sods laying around for just this type of thing.

There I am with a fan resting in my lap trying to get this fuse in, only in my haste of heat and desperation I had forgotten to turn it off.

Fuse clicks.
Fan spins.

One trip to the emergency room later and I’m sitting here with an ice pack on my groin and three stitches in my cock.”

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