When you hook up casually on Grindr, it can be fun – but sometimes it can be risky. That’s what happened to a guy on Reddit – who had to take extreme measures to rectify the situation.

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My date filmed our sex scene

“I met a student on Grindr”, he writes. “I went over to his flat and understandably when meeting a stranger, with a mutual goal of sexual gratification on both parts, I was nervous and excited. We got down to business quite quickly. I left, satisfied, he appeared to be as well”.

But that’s where things get scary:

“A couple of months later and with the urge to have another encounter I found another guy. This guy told me he’d watched a video of me. In my naïvety and ignorance I thought it was some sort of attempt at post enjoyment flirting. To my astonishment he wasn’t lying.

So it turns out the first guy had secretly filmed our soiree! And not only that, he was showing the video to other strangers… The second guy told me they both enjoyed watching the video. Although I have to say that thought was horny, my most overwhelming problem was that the most intimate video of me was out there, people were watching it and perhaps it was on the Internet!”

But the man decided not to stop there – and get the video, and his privacy – back:

“I had a cunning plan. I said to the second guy if he still “saw” the the first guy, he replied that he didn’t want to see him again. I asked nicely would he mind seeing him one last time and to delete the video for me.

One agonising week later and I went to meet my saboteur. He’d waited until the voyeur filming guy was in the shower and found the video and deleted it, made his excuses and left.

As long as no copies are out there (and he didn’t upload it?!) I’d say I had a very, very lucky escape.”

So next time you have a sexual encounter with a stranger – make sure there are no secret cameras around (which these days, could just be a phone…)

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