Say what you will about size, there are also some disadvantages to having a big penis – including big bulges in “inappropriate” places. But does that mean these blessed men can’t ever wear a speedo in the pool?

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Shirtless swimmer man
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The pool incident happened to this guy on Reddit, who posted on the appropriately named “Big Dick Problems” subreddit.

“I feel pretty lucky”, he writes, “most of the time my “big dick problems” are pretty insignificant. Yeah sexual challenges have arisen, but I’ve always worked through them. Today was the first time I’ve ever faced a really obvious bdp and I’m laughing about it now.”

And here’s his story:

“I’m a swimmer. I always swim in a speedo. I don’t even think about. I always have since I swam competitively. My flaccid dick isn’t crazy big so it’s never been a problem. Yeah I bulge, but it’s nothing obscene.

Anyway, my gym is awesome because I never get bothered. Nobody even seems to notice the bulge. Everybody is just there to swim. Love it. Until recently.

This morning an older gentleman probably in his late 40’s, came up to me as I was towelling off and heading to the showers and told me that I was making his wife uncomfortable and should wear something more appropriate.

I was dumbstruck, to be honest. I pointed out three other dudes in speedos swimming at that moment. I said if she didn’t like something about me, she shouldn’t be staring.

I was there was to swim. If I could get used to pushing past the drag created by my dick, he and his wife could keep there eyes to themselves.

His face was priceless. He tried to go to gym management to complain and they also shut him down.

People are weird, guys. It was a strange feeling to be called out and objectified over my dick in a non-sexual place. Big breasted ladies, I feel ya!”

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