Liam Payne, the 23-year-old former One Direction member, is embarking on a solo career these days (just like his band buddy Harry Styles), and what better way to entice his fans, than to open up about… the size of his penis.

Liam Payne strip that down
Photo: Instagram

Liam, whose first solo single was called “Strip That Down”, took the title to heart when he was on the Capital FM radio show this week.

He didn’t strip down, unfortunately, but when asked about tips he’s been getting from his girlfriend Cheryl, he said the main tip he got from her was:

Bigger is better

When the show’s host, Roman Kemp, teased him in saying that hearing from your girlfriend that “bigger is BETTER” might be worrying, Liam was quick to settle things down before they escalate any further –

I’ve had no complaints in that department

So now we know…