Seeing a photo of KJ Apa without his shirt on isn’t new – he does it every week on his TV series Riverdale. But seeing KJ shirtless in bed… right next to his best friend Boston Ridge… well, that’s intriguing.

KJ Apa Boston Ridge

20-year-old KJ Apa, is originally from New Zealand, which is where he knows his pal Boston from. the two have a rich history together, from a young age, with photos like this one:

And a more recent one (which we know because of the red hair – which KJ dyes for his role as Archie on Riverdale)

And then, Boston posted this photo as an Instagram story, and the good folks over at Cocktails & Cocktalk were quick enough to grab a screenshot.

KJ Apa Boston Ridge
Photo: Instagram

Presumably, this isn’t the first time KJ and Boston found themselves in bed together – as this Tweet from 2013 demonstrates:

Of course, this might annoy KJ Apa’s other Bromance buddy – Shawn Mendes. Or it might make his third Bromance partner, Cole Sprouse, jealous.

Either way – here’s to seeing a lot more photos of KJ in bed with shirtless men – it’s a sight for thirsty eyes.