Jamie Dornan‘s fans have been staring at photos of Northern Ireland these past few days – or, more to the point, photos of Jamie standing there with a very impressive bulge. But was he indeed happy to see us all, or was there something else afoot?

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Jamie Dornan in the Fifty Shades Darker trailer
Photo: Universal / YouTube

While Fifty Shades Darker did give us a few glimpses of a nude Jamie, we weren’t given much to work with. There was also that 15-years-old ad where Jamie put his bum on display, but fans were still curious regarding the OTHER side.

A few days ago, a photo was posted on Twitter by “Discover Northern Ireland” with Jamie posing in front of a beautiful Northern Ireland coast. The caption said “Look at that view!”, but fans were looking at something… else.

Here, look at that view:

So yes, apparently there’s an enormous bulge in there, and the fans went wild, trying to imagine the thing that could create such a prominent… mark.

Alas, as The Sun reports, the fans were disappointed to find out the Jamie was merely playing golf. So yes, that was a golf ball in his pocket. Or… was it?

We’ll leave it up to you to decide.