Coming out to your parents can be tough for some. But what do you when coming out as gay is only the first step – but then things get worse, when your parents find out you’re only attracted to VERY fat men?

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, whose religious parents were OK with him being gay – but then why found out, six months later, that he’s only into guys who weigh 400 pounds and up… that was too much for them.

“I love fat guys…. 400 and up is what I like”, he writes, and explains the problem:

“I came out to my family (I am 23) and my sisters were ecstatic. My mom was okay with it but I knew from her response she is not cool with it… she’s also hardcore religious.

My sister and I share literally every thing about our lives with each other. She trusts me with everything and I do the same with her. She asked what kind of guys and I told her.

She didn’t care and just started to joke around because of it but does not give two shits what I’m into. Months later she kind of made a joke about it and people caught on to it.

When I told my parents I like fat guys it’s like “woah wtf?” My oldest sis doesn’t give 2 craps… but my family thinks it’s weird…

They’re more judgmental on the way someone looks. If I sat down with them and asked why are you guys weirded out? They’ll probably say “cause he’s fat” they’re not going to say “cause he is unhealthy and will not live long”

I have been uncomfortable when I’m around them because knowing that they think it is weird it makes me feel weird and like crap…. so I don’t come to visit as much anymore…”

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