Young guys these days can make money online in all sorts of ways – one of which is being famous on Instagram, and posting selfies with promotional products in them.

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But one guy on Reddit, who has more than 450,000 followers, is scared this would be a turn off for guys he’s dating.

Selfie at the beach

“Most people would consider me Instagram famous’… I freaking hate that”, he writes. “I don’t consider myself famous in the slightest. I have 450K Instagram followers and I usually get about 40K likes per picture. It’s also how I make my living.”

And he goes on, explaining the situation:

The content that my followers are interested in seeing is pretty much selfies… a lot of my followers are “fan girls” so selfies is a big hit with them. I check my phone pretty regularly out of habit, but I try not to do it when I’m with someone else.

Anyway, the issue I have is that I’m 21 and most guys I interact with are in college or just starting their first job, so I get asked a lot “What do you do?” and I usually try to deflect the question because I have no idea how to explain what I do…

I… take a selfie, take a picture of my lunch, and I take a picture of me holding some sort of promotional item each day… that’s pretty much what I do.

It’s kinda depressing to be honest, but it gives me freedom.

I’m scared of telling guys I’m interested in what I do, because I’m a little embarrassed about my “job” and I also sometimes feel that some guys might just be interested in the “fame”/money aspect.

So I suppose my first question is: In the future how should I explain to someone what I do? And secondly: Would you be turned off if you looked at my Instagram and saw a daily selfie with a silly description on it? I’m personally embarrassed but I don’t know if I have to be.

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