Here’s a conundrum – on the one hand, this guy from Reddit tends to hide (or “misrepresent”) the size of his penis with potential hookups, because he doesn’t want them to only want him for his big dick.

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However, that strategy poses a problem when they actually see it…

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“So I’ve started to meet some guys”, he writes. “And my size has actually been a problem…”

I don’t tell guys how big it is before I meet them because I want them to be into me more than my size, but I might have to change that mentality/strategy.

I have yet to have a “really good” blowjob as most guys struggle with the girth. So I either get teeth, sides of the throat or they just can’t take it.

This morning a “very oral” top just gave up. He claims to love dicks, but he said mine wasn’t fun because it was too big.

And three out of four guys wouldn’t bottom due to my girth. They wouldn’t even try it – they flat out said no. The only one to bottom took it fairly easily and didn’t really seem to have an issue with it.

I just feel with hookups some people want immediate satisfaction and don’t want to be patient with an above average dick. They just want something easy to handle and get on with their life.

So it sounds like I either need a FWB, boyfriend or stick to sleeping with size queens…

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