Living with roommates can be fun, interesting, or just cheap. But sometimes, you find out some very weird things – as was the case for this guy on Reddit, who found out his roommates use his room (when he’s out) for sex and masturbation sessions, with his clothes – and his pillow!

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“A couple of months ago I had about $1000 stolen out of my room”, he starts off with the background. “I have two (straight) roommates who I trust completely. I know that my roommates would never steal from me, but sometimes they have questionable people over, so I bought a little hidden camera alarm clock and put in my room.”

So far, pretty normal. But that’s when things got crazy…

Nothing has been stolen since, but I am really just surprised and baffled by what goes on in my room when I am not home.

A few nights that I stayed at a friend’s place, my roommate and girlfriend slept in my bed and had sex multiple times. Let’s just say they didn’t change the sheets afterwards.

When I am at work or out on the weekends, everyone likes to watch porn on my computer and jerk off at my desk. By everyone, I mean both roommates, my roommate’s brother, and one of their friends. Not all together, but at separate times.

On top of that, the general consensus seems to be that my dirty clothes make good cum rags to clean up with. The brother grabbed a pair of my underwear out of the hamper and wore them while he jerked off into them, and then put them back when he was done.

The roommate I’ve lived with for 12 years surprised me the most. It turns out he has a thing for fucking my pillow and spends a few hours a week grinding and in the same spot place I put my face every night. (and I just thought the stains were from me drooling in my sleep).

To be honest, they’re all attractive guys and I’ve had varying crushes on them over the years, albeit they are straight (maybe not as straight as I thought, he he). So really the thought of them “defiling” my room doesn’t disgust me. It more so turns me on a little bit 

So, if I just keep letting it go on and everyone using my room to get off in, am I the pervert now for having a hidden voyeur camera. Or should I even say anything? “Just so you know, you’re on camera jerking off in my clothes and humping my pillow.”

I mean what goes through his head when I go to bed, thinking that I don’t know, but he knows that he fucks my pillow? I’m leaning towards just not saying anything. If hot guys like to get naked in my room and get off on my things when I’m not home, have fun. Just don’t steal anything. Yes, no?