We all like to say that “size doesn’t matter” – but for some men, it matters a lot. For this guy, the size of his penis was the cause for depression, and even bullying.

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Gave up on life because of my small penis

“My family and a few close friends know that I am depressed. But nobody knows the reason why”, he writes. “The truth is that I pretty much gave up on life because I have a small penis”. And this is something that’s been troubling him for a long time:

I was bullied in high school after some guys saw how under endowed I was in the locker room. It took me a long time to try dating after that because I was so insecure about my size.

And what about dating? He was constantly afraid, and when he finally got into an intimate situation – “The first reaction to seeing my penis was laughter“.

He concludes with a somber declaration: “It has been many years since, and I will never seek a romantic relationship again. I will die a virgin.”

The people on Reddit tried to offer him some support and advice:

The thought of anyone so rude, especially someone close enough to be intimate with, makes my stomach turn. I apologize on behalf of humanity.

There’s a lot more than penis size that goes into having enjoyable sex so don’t let it beat you down.

I absolutely love small penises. But I’m a dude. Well, a dude who used to be a girl. It’s complicated but I assure you, the right person is out there for you.

And one person concluded with these words of wisdom:

“Just because you can’t hit the bottom of a tuna can doesn’t mean you can’t scrape the sides”

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