Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! The pop star sensation, who also used to complement his income by being an underwear model (even before Shawn Mendes) is turning 30. What a wonderful opportunity to look back at some of his hottest moments, and conduct a close inspection of those famous abs.

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Bieber isn’t as generous with shirtless photos on his Instagram page as he once was, plus, his abs are covered all over in tattoos… But thankfully, we still have a lot of beautiful shots from the past.

1. This one was actually a gift from his father

2. With all the tattoos (up to then)

3. “Wowzers”

4. Well hello there

5. No shirts allowed on stage

6. Nice view

7. Those world-famous undies!

 8. Different undies! (But they’re wet again)

9. Making those tats disappear

10. Still sexy when brooding

11. The sun and the Bieber

12. Beach Boy

13. Feeding the Bieber

14. Sporty Spice

15. Remember that whole debate about the size of the… ehm… bulge?

16. Something a bit more recent

17. Happy Birthday!