Fans of the Harry Potter series have been going over the films over and over for years now – so it’s quite surprising that some Easter eggs still haven’t been discovered. Well, now it turns out there’s a secret gag in one of the films, that deals with… balls, and their size.

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Harry Potter balls headline
Photo: Warner Bros.

This bit is from the 5th Potter film – “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, and was spotted by PopSugar. In the film, Harry is sitting on a swing, reading a newspaper.

While it’s difficult to read the exact headline in the film, a still from the movie shows it quite clearly:

Balls Judged “Too Big”

Harry Potter balls headline closeup
Photo: Warner Bros.

What was the prop department referring to, exactly? Were they talking about Harry’s, well, balls? Were they talking about him being brave? Were they actually referring to Daniel Radcliffe?

Of course, the headline might have something to do with tennis balls, as that’s what’s visible on the other side of the page. But either way… it’s hilarious.