You’re on a hot date, the guy is everything you ever hoped for, and then… he does something awful. Something truly disgusting, something so annoying, you have no choice but to break up with him.

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The gay men of Reddit were asked to share their “They were attractive until…” stories – and here are some of the best ones.

1. Oral (Dis)Pleasure

Young man brushing his teeth - deposit

He showed me all the plaque build up on his teeth and wanted a kiss.

2. No Straight Boys For Me

Young straight couple

Met a guy at a college mixer last year. Total hottie. Senior, athletic, dark hair, light eyes, the works.

We went outside and he calmly told me “let’s rent a room. My girlfriend won’t notice and will probably think I’m getting drunk with the guys”.

As hot as those “closeted straight boy” fantasies Sean Cody [NSFW Link!] passes out are, the fact that he nonchalantly disregarded his girlfriend was a total dick move. I told him no thanks.

3. Pussy Hater

Cat with a man

He told me he hated cats. That wasn’t SO bad but the second time he saw one he mentioned how he wanted to run over it. I told him if he kept it up, I would run him over….

4. The Asshole

Man laughing in bed

I was dating this guy who came from a pretty well off family. He was pretty smart and interesting admittedly, and also pretty hot. But the longer I dated him the more I realized he was kind of a prick. He seemed pretty rude and impatient when it came to anyone else (such as waiters or just making random comments about strangers or whatever)

I remember the moment it finally fully registered to me that he was definitely just an asshole and only nice to me because we were banging. A married couple I was friends with threw a little dinner party thing and my ex and I attended.

Then on the drive home, my ex said very casually in an off-hand way, “they seemed very nice, I didn’t know you could still be happy when you’re that fat”.

I was floored and super, super pissed. She had just had us over, cooked us dinner and was (as she always is), extremely nice to him. I held it all in until we got back, then told him off, more hardcore than I have ever done to anyone in my entire life, and then never spoke to him again.

5. Why Wait?

I got attacked on a Grindr hookup

…He saw me turning into the neighborhood I lived in, followed me home, and got out of his car jerking his dick at me

Worst thing is, he’s one of the main dudes on probably the most popular radio station in town, every time his goddamn voice comes on when I’m riding with someone I have to turn it off.

6. Super Sniffer

Young man sniffing his armpit - deposit

He told me he never wore condoms because he could “smell” STDs on a guys dick/asshole and tell if they were clear or not.

6 months later he had HIV.

7. Doggy Style

Man holding a dog

Didn’t happen to me, but a friend of mine… almost one year in a relationship; his dog (an old maltese) wasn’t feeling well and was being more needy and clingy than usual. His boyfriend casually shoved the pooch off the couch because he was getting annoyed. They broke up.

8. Pants on Fire

Two angry men

I realized he was a damn liar. Not even little lies to cover his faults. Lies about things that don’t make no damn sense.

“Oh you went to that bar before it existed?” “You say you’re a Daddy-Dom Trucker when you’re 19, submissive, and ain’t got a car?” “You don’t smoke weed but your cum tastes like a Snoop Dogg concert?” GTFO my face. Thank God I only fucked him 3 or 4 times.

9. I Love You But I’m Thirsty

Man in bed with a phone

He said that he really cares for me, he wants to know me better, but that in the meantime he has to go to a cruising place and swallow some men’s cum because he likes it too much and cannot stay without it for even a day, even if he clearly loves me.

10. Quiet Time

Be quiet - No talking

I went to this weird free street puppet show in LA. Interesting mix of people. There was one guy wearing worker’s overalls and you could tell he has never done hard labor. That might have been a deal breaker, but either I was thirsty or being more generous than usual.

I started focusing in on him and he eventually moved closer to me. He sat in front of me next to his friend. This guy who was talking to the friend introduced himself and the cute guy pulled out a notebook and started writing.

His friend then chimed in, “oh yeah. He’s taken a vow of silence.” I noped that real hard at that point.

11. Work Time

Shirtless man holding phone
Illustrative Photo

…I heard him talking business on the phone. He sounded like a dick. Problem is I was sucking him off at the time.