Sex is a lot of fun, obviously, but it’s also the “best” time for mishaps, accidents and embarrassments. The good thing? it doesn’t just happen to you…

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These guys from Reddit were asked to share “the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during sex.” And share they did… here are some of the best:

1. Slippery Slope

Shirtless man on the floor

“I once attempted to hop on to a bed with satin sheets, discovered that traction wasn’t involved, and went sliding off the other side onto the floor buck naked.

This also involved disturbing a highly disgruntled cat we didn’t even know was in the room, which obviously didn’t take kindly to nearly being squashed. However, I got laid anyway.

I made the mistake of relating this story to one of my friends, which resulted in a long running inside joke at my expense, involving an old Johnny Paycheck song.”

2. Not in the eye!

Man with eye drops

Guys dick poked me in the eye during a blowjob and I lost a contact…

It didn’t hurt, but my eye wouldn’t stop tearing up so we called it quits 🙁

3. The Flying Bed

Man laughing in bed

Young, very drunk, hooked up with one of our outreach team at the work’s Christmas party so it was someone I had to see every few months at my office.

Go back to his hotel room, stripped and jumped onto the bed bedside him and slammed onto the floor, the twin beds I’d just seen him push together shooting across the floor, the empty one crashing into the far wall. Had bruises for weeks, still had sex.

4. Hit Me Baby One More Time… Or Don’t

Shirtless man worried

I was with this guy that thought he was tough, so he asked me to hit him while I was riding him. So I slap him (mind you, not too hard).

After a few seconds, I feel him start to go soft, and he just starts bawling his eyes out for like a good 5 minutes!

I was soooo uncomfortable after that then I was like, “ok, byyyyeeeee” and left and never heard from him again.

5. Giving Head

Man in pain sitting on bed
Illustrative Photo

Once headbutted a guy. We were getting a little too…bouncy and tried to make out while doing it, and ended up bonking heads REAL hard.

I was scared to death that I hurt him, but he just laughed it off and we continued. He hasn’t called me since though :p

6. Going Too Deep

Man stop in pain
Illustrative Photo

I was sucking off a well-hung hottie, and he was like my second time where I could actually deepthroat, so I got really into it, until I got too into it…

I accidentally threw up (just a little, whew) on him, but he was a good sport, knew it was accidental, and after a bit of cleanup and some Listerine on my part, we finished what we started.

7. The Wrong Soundtrack

We were getting really into it however we had music on a YouTube play list so one moment Year Zero was playing and then the next this plays:

We just start laughing our ass off and that kinda killed the mood. Since then we agree to use our music we have on our phones instead.

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