All men (and women) have fetishes. For some, they’re pretty vanilla, but many others hide secret fetishes they’re embarrassed to reveal. That is, until they open up about them on a Reddit thread. These were some of the most interesting fetishes the men were willing to expose:

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1. BMX Gear

Man with bicycle

I don’t know why, I just really like the look and it gets me hard quick when watching porn.

2. Bodybuilders

Man with measuring tape

I would love to get wrestled and beat up by one. One of my biggest fantasies is getting bear-hugged, or getting scissored between his legs, until I can’t take anymore. That’s embarrassing for me to admit, because it’s twisted, and ultra submissive.

 3. Being “Feminized”

Gay couple in bed

I don’t think I’d ever want to do it in real life, but I like the thought of a total alpha male wanting me to be his slutty cock whore girl.

4. Mind Control

Mind control - man with a joystick

I wish sometimes that some guy would take control of me and my life, helping me both personally and sexually (that was very hard to admit).

5. Exhibitionism

Two Men - Bromance

I haven’t done this myself out of pure fear of being arrested. The most I’ve done in the past is fearfully pull my dick out once or twice while inside a parked car about three years ago. I have a similar feeling when it comes to public hookups. This is a fetish I probably won’t pursue.

6. Chastity

Man holding a key

I fantasize about having a dominant boyfriend who would lock my cock up permanently, thereby making my hole my only source of sexual pleasure and keeping me perpetually horny and frustrated. The idea of being turned into a constantly horny bottom who can only get off from anal penetration turns me on massively.

7. Sagging

Skateboarder skater

I have a thing for guys who sag their pants/skaters. I love their boxer-briefs on display with some skinny jeans, and a snap-back and some nice sneakers or something.

8. A Pirate’s Life For Me

Man in pirate hat

One thing I really want to do is wear nothing but a pirate hat, and a cock ring, and ¨sword fight¨a younger twink who is completely hairless, but with an early Bieber hair cut, who is wearing a Peter Pan like hat, then make him go down and blow me.

9. The Doctor will see you now

Handsome doctor

My fixation is going through the whole examination process with no sex and “accidentally” coming or being told I have to give a sperm sample.

10. Yelling

Man saying no

I like being yelled at: I was riding a sexy guy a few weeks ago and he accidentally yelled at me as he was approaching climax and I got turned on 100000 times more than I already was – the fact is that I was in power but he was still finding ways to dominate me was pretty hot.

11. Tickling

Man laughing in bed

Some people in my friend group used to tickle each other a lot while I was in high school. I sadly always had to avoid it like the plague because I would have gotten a boner.

12. Math me baby

Time To Go Back To Gay-School

Having him moan out Pi to the farthest digit he can remember while fucking me to the rhythm of ‘Oh Susanna’.