It’s that endless debate – can “straight” guys who have sex with men still be considered straight? Are they bi? Gay?

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Things get confusing – especially when you find yourself in the middle of a threesome that leads to a couple breaking up.

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“A week ago I went to Japan with a group of friends”, writes this guy on Reddit. “Two of them were a couple, Baxter and Sarah. The two were constantly having sex, in museum bathrooms, once in an open park and practically every second night at our lodge.”

Sounds like every healthy straight couple. But then things got complicated.

“My friends call me a fuckboy because I sleep around a lot with boys and sometimes girls but have never been in a relationship (I’m 22-years-old now).


I was pretty horny one night because Tokyo has some really hot boys so I decided to just go home and jack off. When I got in, the kitchen lights were turned off and I was a bit worried because we previously heard that the area had experienced break-ins.


I walk in carefully, tip toe across the stairs and right in the center of the dimly lit living room I see Sarah sucking off Baxter.


I was previously not interested in Baxter but in that moment I popped the fastest erection. There was something about catching someone in the act that really turned me on.


To my surprise Sarah just laughed and Baxter quickly hid his dong. Then she said I was welcome to join them, which I immediately, IMMEDIATELY declined because that was weird as fuck.

But Baxter strangely egged me on, telling me that Sarah always wanted to get dp’ed and that he wanted to see what a boy tasted like.


So eventually, after they pull me from my room, I’m making out with Sarah while Baxter pulls off my pants.

Now here’s where my actual problems come in. Baxter, who I previously did not find attractive, despite him being a very conventionally attractive person, was making me incredibly fucking horny. He gave a really good blowjob which was surprising for a ‘straight’ guy.


At one point, Sarah joked that we were having too much fun despite me trying to act like it was weird. And she was spot on.


The next few days every time Baxter and I were left alone together our clothes instantly came off and we were having sex in minutes. He really liked me teaching him how to deepthroat and take a dick, etc, all the gay things a poor straight boy would normally not get to enjoy.


Now fast forward a week later, and Baxter’s broken up with Sarah. I feel like absolute shit and I felt like i was going to get into huge trouble.


However, I talked to Sarah and she just told me that they were having issues pre-trip and he finally got sick of her.


I felt really guilty because i was dicking Baxter everyday and I felt like that really changed his mind. Sarah also revealed that they did have threesomes often and Baxter wanted to come out as Bi but she thought it would make her look bad so he didn’t.


Three hours ago Baxter messaged me asking if I wanted to grab dinner in a few days. For some reason, he is really hot in my eyes now, which was really strange because my type before was dark haired nerdy boys and Baxter is the complete opposite.


I want to go to dinner with him but I can’t help thinking that I made him break up, that I fucked him over (figuratively but also literally).


I also don’t date because I feel like I’m too immature to keep one going so maybe he just wants to establish a friend-with-benefits sort of relationship?

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