Seeing Daniel Jensen’s bare ass on Instagram isn’t new – the popular model has shown it before, and more than once, and we’re always happy about it.

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However, judging by his latest nude set – it looks like his bum’s been going to the gym even more than usual… and we’re thrilled about it.

Daniel Jensen with towel
Photo: Instagram

Daniel Jensen is a Los Angeles-based model with more than 83,000 Instagram followers. He’s not always naked there, and we’ve seen him in sexy outfits as well, from a sexy Easter bunny, to a hot golden pants wearing Cupid.

Now, in a series of photos taken on a balcony in the East Village by Rick Day, Daniel exposes his bum in a way that drove his many fans wild. It started out like this:

Then, it moved on to this:

And ended (for now) with this:

We can only be envious of the people outside, who might have been looking up at that moment…

We’ll keep watching!