Craig Colton, a former finalist on the UK version of the X Factor, claims he was attacked while at home with his boyfriend, by a person (or persons) holding a knife, who also uttered homophobic rants.

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Craig Colton
Photo: Twitter

Craig Colton, a 28-year-old singer who was mentored by Gary Barlow on the 2011 season of the X Factor, took to Twitter yesterday (where he has more than 200,000 followers), and claimed he had a horrible night after being attacked with a knife.

According to Craig, the police were unable to help.

Craig’s boyfriend, Shane Cooper, Tweeted as well later, saying he is “Completely traumatized about this scary and horrific incident that took place in our home at 3am! We have Never felt so in danger.”

In response to their very concerned fans, Shane added that “We are not at our home as feel in danger, both very sad and unsettled. Worst experience of our lives!”

No further details are known at this stage.