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Size doesn’t matter? Tell it to someone who has to wear tight uniform at work, which put his big bulge in plain view – for all his customers to giggle at. Embarrassing.

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Sexy shirtless chef
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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who came to seek advice on the aptly named “Big Dick Problems” subreddit.

“I just finished my first week as a cook in an mid-upscale restaurant”, the man begins his story. “We are required to wear chef coats, tight fitted black pants, and a straight apron tied tight to the body.”

And that’s where the size issue comes into play…

“It’s about 40 degrees in the kitchen, and I’m a shower as it is, but with the heat everything down there is even bigger.

We have to wear our aprons tied tightly to the body, and I have a very flat stomach, so my bulge pitches a pretty obnoxious tent.

So whenever I walk into front of house in front of all our customers (which is a lot) the lighting in the restaurant makes my bulge cast a huge shadow down my white apron.

I feel like all eyes are on me, I’ve caught people staring and giggling and it’s pretty embarrassing. I just don’t know how to bring it up to the head chef.”

The commenters tried to offer some advice, mostly by saying he should just be blunt about it:

“Hey boss, you know all these people I cook food for? I walked out there yesterday and one of them joked about me playing with my dick back in the kitchen. I’m gonna wear my apron a little looser now. Mkay?

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