You might think people who are big down there are blessed. Well, for some, size can be a curse – especially when you can’t hide your bulge at work, and the customers AND co-workers keep sizing you up…

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Cashier working at coffee shop
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That’s exactly what happened to this guy on Reddit, who posted on – you guessed it – the “Big Dick Problems” subreddit.

“I work at Walgreen’s as a cashier”, he writes. “We have a policy of no denim pants, and only can wear khakis. Well, cotton khakis do not do a very good job at hiding a bulge. I’m 4.5-5 inches flaccid. So I fill every pair of my pants. But with khakis, it just looks fucking ridiculous. It looks like I smuggled a sausage in my pants and I’m running around with it strapped to my thigh by a rubber band.”

And yes, that’s a problem:

I don’t really care about my bugle showing, BUT at work when I’m checking customers out, they are checking me out. I’m 6’3 so my waist is just at the counters level and if somebody is standing on the other side they can see my crotch.

A lot of customers just openly stare while I’m scanning their items and it makes me extremely uncomfortable. I assume they think I can’t look anywhere else but at the items but I catch all of them who do it.

It also doesn’t help that I’m gawked at by my employees and boss. They all pretty much size me up, more so with some than others.

Despite carrying myself well, I can only handle so much until I’m burdened with being extremely uncomfortable considering I’m trying to remain as professional as possible at work but not being able to prevent my bulge.

Judging by the comments – he’s not the only one to face this issue:

  • Had the same issue at Dollar General. Not much to do about it. Had a boss ask me to empty my pockets once as she though I was stealing. Turned them inside out and she blushed and went into the manager’s office.
  • My boss always assumes I have my phone on me and I just have to reply.. nope that’s just me.