If you’ve been watching Amazon’s new subversive superhero show, The Boys, you know Chace Crawford is pretty hot there. Now, we also find out that he’s packing something, ehm, quite big – as befitting a superhero – thanks to a very explicit calendar released by Amazon.

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Chace Crawford the boys

34-year-old Texan actor Chace Crawford, who you might also remember from Gossip Girl or The Covenant,¬†plays superhero The Deep¬†on Amazon’s hot new show (which is available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers) – sort of a sexy parody of Aquaman.

As a superhero, Chace gets to wear a tight – very tight – Spandex suit on the show. And when fans got a newly released official calendar with the stars of the show, they were surprised to see… the bulge of March.

Yep. It’s a super-bulge.

We assume they were supposed to photoshop that huge dick print. But hey – we’re not complaining!

See? It was gone by August:

It’s still a tight suit though…

Also See: Chace had a few things to say about THAT bulge photo.