There’s something about Australian men – maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s the sun-burnt blond hair… whatever it is, they’re super-sexy.

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And after looking at the hottest naked Canadian celebs, and the hottest Irish nude celebs, it’s time to look at those famous, naked, Australians…

Brenton Thwaites naked son of a gun 650

We’re not the only ones who love Australian men, naturally. Our friends from Mr Man are also fans, and as experts on naked celebrities, they compiled a list with some extremely hot – and extremely NSFW – names and pictures.

Gidday, fellas, let’s see some buns and boomer-wangs!

Always a good idea to start with Daddies, so we’ll start with the jacked Hugh Jackman in X-Men…

hugh jackman naked x-men

… And take a side of Eric Bana in, well, basically anything he ever starred in.

eric bana shirtless troy

Like The Incredible Naked Hulk

Eric Bana naked the hulk

Then we’ll move on to The HemsworthsLuke, Liam, and Chris we want all three of them…at the same time.

Chris Hemsworth naked rush

We loved Chris Hemsworth in Rush and Luke AND Liam in Satisfaction where Liam satisfied our craving for beefy butt.

Liam hemsworth semi naked satisfaction

Then there’s Ryan Kwanten in True Blood.

Ryan Kwanten naked true blood

And fresh Titans star Brenton Thwaites…

Brenton Thwaites Robin Titans

… Who was naked in Son of a Gun.

Brenton Thwaites naked son of a gun

If you want to see the full, uncensored list (trust us – it’s very NSFW), head over to Mr Man. And don’t miss their new dealyour first full month for just… $5.

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