For years, we’ve been waiting for a naked gym. We had Byron Langley’s hot parody video, we had a German commercial with a hot, naked guy in the gym – and now, we finally get the real thing, thanks to Austin Armacost. Well, sort of.

Austin Armacost
Photo: Instagram

Sorry, it’s still not a gym you can actually go to with other naked men (though many gym showers fit the bill).

But it’s almost as good – a photo (actually three photos) of actor, model and UK’s Celebrity Big Brother star – Austin Armacost, using a gym stepper, with his bum on full display. Cheeky!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Austin’s been naked on Instagram. And probably not the last. Enjoy a few more of his raunchy offerings:

Taking a shower of sorts:

And… there was that: