We’ve all heard the jokes – “Is that a dangerous weapon you’re carrying?” – but for some people, this is no laughing matter. For one guy on Reddit, posting on the appropriately named “Big Dick Problems”, the size of his penis has presented an airport security problem.

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Airport security check
Illustrative Photo

He writes:

Today the airport scanner flagged basically my entire crotch area as suspicious when I went through security. Since my pockets were completely empty I’m left to assume that my dick is in fact large enough to set off the scanner by itself. (Insert jokes about smuggling dangerous weapons here.)

The worst thing is that this isn’t even the first time it’s happened. Although last time I was freeballing in jeans, so it made a bit more sense. Today I was wearing business casual, with underwear on, so it caught me by surprise.

In related news, I seem to be very ticklish on my upper thighs.

Some of the other commenters are also familiar with this problem:

Happened to me too freeballing. The male TSA agent kept asking did I empty my pockets, runs the metal detector over my dick, and the scanner shows my crotch as if something’s hiding there. I was frustrated and said, “That’s my dick.”

A nearby female TSA agent was said, “Mmm-hm.”

The male TSA agent let me by.

And this one –

I’ve been patted down for that 4 different times. As uncomfortable as it is they are a lot more uncomfortable once they realize you’re just very well hung and that’s what they’re grabbing at.

Next time you’re at the airport then – consider this a measuring test…

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